Life Coaching v Counselling

Life Coaching is NOT Counselling

The main differences between the two are:

Whereas the aim of counselling is to heal and treat the past in an insightful and intervening way, life coaching motivates you to recognise your limiting beliefs, their underlying reasons and unlocking your potential to eradicate them.

Counselling focuses on assisting you in releasing past pain and strife whereas life coaching empowers you to be more effective and is methodical in pursuing your goals and dreams. So the emphasis is more future-driven. The approach is more practical.

A counsellor works with you as a therapist or a doctor whereas a life coach is mainly regarded as a guide and is available 24/7  in also assisting you to finding practicable solutions to identifiable problems.

A counsellor will work with your inner psyche and aims to enable you to regain your life’s functionality whereas a life coach will mainly focus of empowering you to reinvent yourself by setting goals according to your own aspirations, values, priorities and beliefs.


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