What is Life Coaching

Life coaching, in a nutshell, is a process, shared between you and the coach, that aims to analyse and bridge the gap, or the void, between your reality and your aspirations or dreams.

It is a process that encompasses a holistic approach aiming to unearth your goals and involves analysing, planning and taking action associated with various spheres of your life. The aim, in most cases, is for you to become a happier, better, more fulfilled version of yourself. Life coaching is a general term associated with dealing with issues in your relationships, job, business, career, finances and so on.

The process is gradual and, at its core, it enables you to assess yourself, identify your values, your limiting beliefs and then set goals that lead to a life where your values and your daily life are in harmonious sync. This process enables you to remove the obstacles that impede your wellbeing and it assumes your commitment, accountability and diligence. Without you being an active and willing participant the process is pointless.

Life coaching enables you to consider your life choices from a revised, liberating and in-depth perspective. Once your mental blocks, the negativity in your life and your limiting beliefs are identified, you will develop a new-found sense of energy and enthusiasm, and your relationship with yourself will change by viewing your life in a more positive way by setting and achieving goals aimed at enabling you to become the wholesome version of yourself.


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