Grew up in Cyprus, attended Greek schools.

Played the accordion since I was 5.

Nearly died of a nasty bacterial infection when I was 14. Trouble……

Experienced the horrors of war when I was 15. Lost most of our family land. More trouble…..

Wanted to become a pilot but at the age of 17 was diagnosed with an eye condition that prevented me from becoming one. Still more trouble….

Throughout my teens always enjoyed helping friends who sought my advice or those who were in emotional trouble.

Came to the UK when I was 19, got a B.Sc and M.Sc in Maths from the University of Manchester,  learned to play the piano, was fascinated with, and started collecting, vintage watches.

Played music in clubs to supplement my student allowance.

After university I got a job for four years while still playing music but got bored of the job

Enrolled on a two year MBA at the Manchester Business School. Still played music. Loved the course and made many good friends

Life ever changing so far but the only constant was that I was still frequently called upon to coach or help or advise friends and then friends of friends. Loved it.

Got a job as Strategic Planning Manager within The Littlewoods Organisation. Again, I was bored after nearly 3 years.

Set up my own travel/conference organising business, got married

We lost our unborn child through a failed pregnancy after 24 weeks. More trouble….

Had two sons, loved parenthood, loved life.

Separated after 9 years of marriage, ex wife appointed very aggressive lawyers, had to represent myself over a four year divorce process. Awful trouble……but still happy and positive for the future.

Finally divorced, had regular contact with my sons. Sold the business and set up another company trading in vintage watches as I was still a collector. Still loved coaching friends .Still happy and positive.

Met my second wife, had two more sons,

Nearly killed myself in a road accident driving an old Ferrari. Gave up the fags, went on a diet and took up road cycling. Rode the Manchester 100 in the first year. A new beginning, a new life, felt positive and happy.

Still the only constant was that I was by now coaching various people with varying issues:- eg. relationships, financial, divorce, career, stress and so on. Still very much loved it

Enrolled on a postgraduate diploma in Law (GDL) at the Manchester School of Law. Loved Law course, finished in two years with commendation. Never stopped coaching those who sought my help. Then undertook and gained an accredited Life Coaching Diploma.

……we all go through this life and none of us escape the various heartaches and knocks that inevitably life entails. We all reach crisis points, stresses, disappointments, anxieties etc. As you have just read, my life has been filled with some pretty decent knocks and punches from a young age.

What defines me today is not the knocks per se but the person I became having tackled them. Who knows, maybe the reason I enjoy coaching others so much it is because I still need that ‘fix’ ……. that we never allow adversity to get the better of us.We analyse our life, set up goals and figure out the ways that in their totality constitute the path to reaching our goals and a more rewarding life as stronger people. I went through the process many times and I have helped many others do the same. I am confident that I can also help you but only if you have already decided you want to help yourself………….


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