My Approach

You will be engaging in a program of rediscovery and self fulfilment. The idea is not to have sessions that simply sugar-coat what you want to hear or that I go easy on you so you reinforce your pre-conceived ideas.

You come to me with identifiable problems seeking practicable solutions that will lead to you reformulating you, remoulding you into a better, happier, more fulfilled version of yourself. So prepare for my listening, my perception, my asking questions, and some more, wanting and seeking and succeeding in understating who you are so that we jointly succeed in getting exactly what you seek from the sessions you spend with me. I don’t believe in wasting your time nor mine. It is a mutually rewarding process.

My approach is pragmatic and blunt. I am not rude. I am empathic, understanding, perceptive and ever-analytical to your past, your life, your needs, your own perceptions, your problems, your aspirations and your dreams and goals. But the least I owe you is to be honest with you. Don’t always expect me to tell you what you want to hear nor to ensure that you are not shocked about identified adverse realities about you or the steps that we will jointly converge towards for you to realise your aspirations.

And I intend to wholeheartedly respect you and ensure that every penny you spend with me is rewarded with blunt honesty within an approach that will lead to your reaching your goals one way or the other.

Our sessions assume you are prepared to accept that the reality associated with finding solutions to your personal problems largely relies on your capacity to accept the analysis we will jointly embark on in order to identify the root of your problems, their underlying reasons and guiding you to setting the action plan in place to eradicate them and realising your identifiable goals.

I don’t like failure – please read my testimonials – and by the time you have engaged in our sessions you will know that failure in fulfilling your aspirations will not be an option for you either.


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