Be prepared to be completely honest and receptive to complete honesty from me. The more accurately I understand you the more capable I will be in helping you reshape your future.

I am not here to heal old wounds or to dwell on the past with you. I am an extremely positive person that has never succumbed to adversity (see ‘My Story’). I am a firm believer in absolutely facing my problems, carefully deciding on the best way of dealing with them and then setting the goals to eradicate them. That is the road to fulfilment and happiness and that is the road I will be leading you to.

The fact that you will come to me in the first place will be an illustration that you have begun to face the problem. Your strength of character is also illustrated here and now, because without it you wouldn’t even be consulting my website. It takes guts to solve our problems but it takes more guts to sufficiently acknowledge and face them in the first place. It is a fallacy that ‘strong people don’t consult life coaches’. I believe the opposite to be true:

Whereas strong minded people face their problems and believe in themselves sufficiently to embark on a journey to overcome them, weak people stay locked within themselves and perpetuate them

Strong people are not all of a sudden weak because they are unhappy or unfulfilled or stressed or because they went through a turbulent separation or because they have a personality crisis or because they are unhappy at work etc.

There is a practicable solution to most identifiable problems. Irrespective of whether we see it or not it is always there.

Every single person I helped over the last two decades had the inner strength to consult me in the first place. I believed in them and I have never failed in assisting them in bringing their strength into bear and for them to then use it and overcome their problems.


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